Make it safe, Make it secure

Make it safe, Make it secure

Weʼre raising £1,000 to Purchase and erect perimeter fencing around Eastwood Hanley FC as part of our 'Make it safe, Make it secure' campaign.


Our club Administrator, Tracy is running a marathon to raise vital funds for the ongoing battle to protect our complex

Here's a few words from the JustGiving page:

Well, some of you reading this will know me, and some may not, but one thing that is most certain is my passion for all things health & fitness. In 2011 I suffered some health complications resulting in my not being able to exercise for a significant amount of time and having to give up my work as a personal fitness trainer. Having always been competitive with myself, I found that I couldn't take part in the type of exercise that I used to do and it was suggested that I started running (which I used to hate). Me being me, couldn't just go out and run so decided it would be a great idea "ha ha" to run a half marathon. My wonderful brother has been supporting me with my training as I have to carefully monitor my heart rate and how I feel, so it is slow and steady but I am determined to get there. 

To read more about Tracys fundraising efforts, and to donate, please visit her page here

Make it safe, Make it secure (update)

WOWZERS - i've completed a half marathon and am super proud but super tired too :)


What an amazing experience it was,lots of support along the way and in my usual fashion found myself spurring others along as I over took a few, ran with a couple for a short time and gave my last energy gel to someone who clearly needed it more than me.


The race was more challenging than I thought, due to it being very warm and more hilly (particularly in the 2nd half of the run), but hey I did it yeehaaaaa.



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