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FA's Charter Standard

Eastwood Hanley FC has achieved The FA's Charter Standard Award. The Charter Standard Scheme sets standards for coaching, administration and child protection for all clubs outside the Premier League and Football League. As a benchmark for quality, it will improve the playing experience for all.

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Safeguarding & Child Welfare

The law requires that The FA does all that it can to prevent people who are barred from working with children from becoming involved in football with U18's. The FA Enhanced Disclosure (CRB) tells The FA if a person is barred. It also helps The FA to make informed recruitment decisions about the suitablilty of people with criminal records who are seeking to have a role with U18's football. 


At Eastwood Hanley FC we ensure all our volunteers have been CRB Checked before we allow them to work with our children, this gives our parents peace of mind that their children are safe in our care.

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